Dr. T. Timan

Dr. T. TimanCurrently, I work as a lecturer, researcher and designer in the field of ICT and (new) media, where my most recent assignment is to provide the Digital Research Methods course for the Media and Business Master (2013/2014) in the Department of Media & Communication at the EUR.

I received a BSc in Industrial Design at the Technical University of Eindhoven and an MA in Media and Culture from the University of Amsterdam. I have recently finished a PhD at the University of Twente in the field of Science-and Technology Studies (STS). In this project, called “changing landscapes of surveillance – emerging technologies and participatory surveillance in Dutch nightscapes”, I have combined Surveillance Studies, User Studies and Urban Geography to tackle questions of old and new media in relation to (experiences of) surveillance. Via qualitative methods and user studies, I have investigated the use of ICT’s and social media in Dutch city centres. I have published and presented in different disciplines related to this work (f.i. EPA, Surveillance & Society, 4S).

Courses and workshops I have previous taught include (among others) Cross-Media Documentary making, An introduction to Arduino and Physical Computing (for Mediamatic), Using and designing with FabLab (for the Waag Society), History of Civil Engineering in the Netherlands (for the University of Twente), Technology Assessment (for the University of Twente).

Besides academic work, I have been involved in commercial web- and software design and research work, both for large companies (e.g. Philips), smaller studios and institutions and as a freelancer. Occasionally, I am also involved in voluntary work, which often deals with Science Communication (f.i. ScienceCafeEnschede), or Cultural Communication (such as the Rijksmuseum Twente).

Website of Dr. T. Timan

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