Dr. M. Kleppe

martijnHow is our history and current life visualized? And why do we see the images that we are shown? These are the two main questions Martijn Kleppe is intrigued by and researches upon with a multidisciplinary approach at the Erasmus University Rotterdam using methods from History, Communication Science, Visual Culture Studies, Art History and Information Science.

In 2013 he published his dissertation on Dutch Iconic Photographs and launched a serious game in which players can choose their own iconic photographs, create a poster with their icons and compare their choices with other players. Currently he works on two projects in which he researches who experts and consumers search for (audio) visual materials in digital databases (AXES & PoliMedia).

Besides his official academic position, he is also the review editor of the Dutch Journal of Mediahistory (Tijdschrift voor Mediageschiedenis), board member of the online journal Depth of Field and board member of publishing house Ipso Facto. Regularly, he reaches out to a non-academic public by writing articles for newspapers and magazines and writes a regularly column on the photography website Photoq.nl on the use of photographs in current media. Before working in academia he worked as project manager at World Press Photo.

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