Dr. S.I. Scagliola

Stef ScagliolaStef Scagliola is the coordinator for this course.

Dr. Stef Scagliola is a historian specialized in digital audiovisual archives, with an emphasis on oral history collections. From 2006-2011 she was the coordinator of an oral history project conducted at the Netherlands Institute for Veterans which resulted in the first large scale ‘digital born’ interview collection in the Netherlands. It consists of more then 1000 life-history interviews from among a representative sample of Dutch war- and military mission veterans. See for an outline of the project in English. The unrestricted part of the collection is freely accessible online, the restricted part can be accessed in a password controlled environment through Data Archiving Networked Services (DANS).

Through the development of the infrastructure for generating, structuring and providing differentiated access to this data she became involved in various ICT-projects which aim at developing adequate tools and data standards for researchers who work with audiovisual archives. Together with DANS and the Center for Speech Technology of the University of Nijmegen, the multidisciplinary enhanced publication Wat Veteranen Vertellen was developed, consisting of digital texts enriched with links to audio-fragments (see explanation). Another innovation by this team was: The Oral History Annotation Tool, which uses speech retrieval for searching the archive and offers the possibility to add and share annotations to fragments of the interviews.

Because of her understanding of the tension between challenges for ICT-researchers and engrained social practices among scholars in the humanities and social sciences, she has developed into an intermediate between the two realms. She is therefore regularly invited as an advisor in projects implementing e-humanities.

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