cursus 1 copyDigital Humanities: How to get Started

The concept of ‘Digital Scholarship’ is relatively young and refers to the revolutionary changes in academic research brought about by the digital turn. This course discusses its history and the basic skills that are required to engage with sources of information in digital form.


Digital Visual and Narrative Culture

Digital technology and the emergence of the world wide web have multiplied the amount of encounters we have with (moving) images and personal stories. In this course, the most important insights from visual and oral culture will be explored, discussed and put into practice through weekly assignments.


 Handling Digital Data in Practice

The goal of this course is to teach students how to collect and handle various types of online data such as census data, daily newspapers, air pollution measurements, public company filings and many more. The students will engage in a series of four workshops (each taking two sessions), in which various types of data and corresponding digital tools will be discussed.  

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