Welcome to website of the minor Digital Culture


At the Erasmus University Rotterdam all third-year bachelor’s students are required to complete a minor which is offered in the first 10 weeks of the academic year. The Erasmus Studio developed  ‘Digital Culture’ (a.k.a. Let’s go Digital), a minor for students from all faculties of the Erasmus University and to international exchange students. 

The minor consists of three related subjects :

  • DC1: Digital Humanities: How to get Started
  • DC2: Digital, Visual and Narrative Culture
  • DC3: Handling Digital Data in Practice

The goal of the minor is to illustrate the impact of the ‘digital turn’ on how information is organized and academic research is conducted. Students are offered the chance to improve their digital skills by gaining insights in the mechanisms behind search engines and Digital Humanities projects and by applying a variety of digital tools on different types of data through weekly assignments. The topics addressed will cover digital skills in general and the digital dimensions of the subsequent steps of the research process. 

At the end of the program the students are expected to present individual or collective projects of which a selection will be published on this website. See for the contributions of students that enrolled in 2013 the section ´Projects by students in 2013´. If you are interested in the course and want to know more details, you can contact us.